J.K Rowling, You Evil BITCH!

So, I'm extremely pissed at J.K Rowling (the bitch who wrote the Harry Potter books), mainly because of what I just read in NewsWeek.

Now, it's been common street knowledge for a while that J.K Rowling and Warner Brothers have both viciously pursued fan communities. Often times, these communities are actually shut down because of "Copyright Infringement"

So, why is this one especially bad? Shouldn't an author normally pursue people that "rip off their own work"? The answer is yes, but this isn't that sort of case.
The Harry Potter Lexicon is a fan-made dictionary written by prominent fans in the Harry Potter community. While many of the elements are Rowling's implementations, the writing and concepts themselves are creations of the fans. They have every right to make some fan-made version, even if they have to put slap "Unofficial" or "Fan-Made" on their page.

I find it appalling that these fans made something that genuinely praises her work in every aspect, and all she does it take an enormous shit all them. Honestly, this "modest little poor woman that made it big" has been wallowing in her own greed for quite a while now. I think that if she's going to treat her fans in this way, then they should, by all means, find someone else to praise. Maybe they could write their own books, for once.



April 28, 2008 at 4:37 PM

It's called being money hungry


May 15, 2008 at 3:40 PM

what I don't get is when people say "she gives loads to charity." So what? So do the arms and weapons corporations. So does Proctor and Gamble. So do paupers. Anybody with money--whether it's a little or a lot--can give money to charity. And she's a frickin billionaire! Isn't that what Lucius Malfoy used to keep the Ministry under his thumb for so many years: giving loads of money to "worthy causes"? It says nothing about the quality of your character when you have a lot of money and give a little of it away. She is a greedy, self-obsessed bitch.

  Mo Jo

September 8, 2008 at 2:04 PM

Really don't like what she is doing and have lost whatever respect I had for her.