J.K Rowling, You Evil BITCH!

So, I'm extremely pissed at J.K Rowling (the bitch who wrote the Harry Potter books), mainly because of what I just read in NewsWeek.

Now, it's been common street knowledge for a while that J.K Rowling and Warner Brothers have both viciously pursued fan communities. Often times, these communities are actually shut down because of "Copyright Infringement"

So, why is this one especially bad? Shouldn't an author normally pursue people that "rip off their own work"? The answer is yes, but this isn't that sort of case.
The Harry Potter Lexicon is a fan-made dictionary written by prominent fans in the Harry Potter community. While many of the elements are Rowling's implementations, the writing and concepts themselves are creations of the fans. They have every right to make some fan-made version, even if they have to put slap "Unofficial" or "Fan-Made" on their page.

I find it appalling that these fans made something that genuinely praises her work in every aspect, and all she does it take an enormous shit all them. Honestly, this "modest little poor woman that made it big" has been wallowing in her own greed for quite a while now. I think that if she's going to treat her fans in this way, then they should, by all means, find someone else to praise. Maybe they could write their own books, for once.

Various Anger

   So, I have something to say about Standardized Testing...GET FUCKED. I have to deal with the horror stories of kids and standardized tests, year AFTER YEAR AFTER YEAR! That's what you get when you have seventeen children.

  First off, the tests out there nowadays give you NO rights. At all. You can't legally tell anyone about the questions on the tests, even. Noo, that's "Copyright Infringement".

Copyright Infringement, my ass! Hey, douche bag, whatever happened to freedom of speech?

  The tests themselves are just awful. Let me bring up a popular one: the ACT. It's pure bullshit. Students spend a whole year preparing for it. They learn ACT Problem-Solving skills. But wow, the ACT Foundation never actually tells kids what their tests cover, they just give generic subjects. So, after a year of preparation, the kids take the test, and at least 75% of it is comprised of things that they haven't learned.

  My son Raul said that he had to do Trigonometry, and he was learning the basic fundamentals just the day before the test. No wonder the "No Child Left Behind Act" is failing so badly.
  If foundations like ACT's would just release proper study material, then kids across the country would be able to study what they need to know. Besides which, the ACT's become a fucking intelligence test, one to root out any kids "worthy" of getting into a good college.

  An intelligence test measures several things: how much you know, how good your problem solving skills are, things like that. The ACT gives a limited opportunity for a student to know enough to "Be Exceptional" on this test. And gee, it's supposed to determine your ENTIRE future?

What the fuck is wrong with people?!

The Macbook Air, Greatest Ripoff in History

Yes, you read that right. The Macbook Air is, in my opinion, the BIGGEST ripoff in consumer history. That includes such ventures as the Delorean, Milli Vanilli, and others. Its failure is also a throwback to the Edsel. Why? Well, let's dive into that.

First and foremost, Apple has become a hype machine. It's well known that any time they release a semi-decent product, they advertise it as if it were a prepackaged God sitting in a slick looking box. This especially counts for the MacBook Air. Cumulative studies have shown that MacBook Air and iPhone ads nearly DOUBLE the amount of commercials for PC's, mobile devices, etc. What's worse, these commercials give the impression that by buying into the product, you're an individual. It's especially disgusting because a majority of the Mac community is made up of social outcasts who just couldn't find their place in the world. Pity.

But let's ignore that fact for a moment, and take a look at the real issue: the Macbook Air sucks. No CD/DVD Drive?! That's okay, just buy more crap from Apple to pretend that you DO have one. You can download every game you need, buy all your movies from Apple, it's ALL GOOD, isn't it?

What really kills is the price, which is the most pitiful thing I've seen in quite some time. No matter how great a thin laptop like this could be, you have to spend $1700 to get a stripped down laptop with less features, less storage, and less capabilities than any ordinary laptop. Sure, it's still cheaper than a Macbook Pro, but once you get over the fact that you can fit it into an envelope, there's just not much to it.

From all the brief floor shows I've seen it at, let me say this: it's ugly. When I picked it up, I felt like I could break the damn thing in half, on accident, still voiding my Apple warranty. It was slightly slower than the ordinary Macbook. Not only that, I was afraid to type anything at all, as it felt that my fingers would've broken straight through!

And finally, the storage is a joke. 80 Gigabytes for an overpriced laptop? You've got to be kidding me. When an iPod stores more data than your computer does, something is very, very wrong.

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