Oh, the Wanking Youth!

For the sake of time, I am going to let this do the talking for me.

That is my response to the baby-molesting Linux Youth who wrote the damn article.

See, this is what really pisses me off: Anyone from a simplified-Linux community (Ubuntu, PCLoS, Linux Mint) seem to worship the concept of the GPL. While I must admit that I have a respect for GPL software, it pisses me off beyond belief when these kids go rabid about it.

Let's review:

"OMG MicRO$haFT IS EVIL!!!FUCK NOVELL AND Micharl de iZaca111111!" -This is a clear sign of stupidity and lack of understanding.

As I put earlier, Microsoft is a CORPORATION. They sell SOFTWARE for MONEY! It's a traditional business model, making a product for money. I shit you not.

Now, I use OpenSolaris and Fedora. I use them because I choose them, and I do my part in NOT forcing people to choose an OS. Some people are just fine with Windows, why on earth would they want to switch?

Honestly, grow the fuck up.