Various Anger

   So, I have something to say about Standardized Testing...GET FUCKED. I have to deal with the horror stories of kids and standardized tests, year AFTER YEAR AFTER YEAR! That's what you get when you have seventeen children.

  First off, the tests out there nowadays give you NO rights. At all. You can't legally tell anyone about the questions on the tests, even. Noo, that's "Copyright Infringement".

Copyright Infringement, my ass! Hey, douche bag, whatever happened to freedom of speech?

  The tests themselves are just awful. Let me bring up a popular one: the ACT. It's pure bullshit. Students spend a whole year preparing for it. They learn ACT Problem-Solving skills. But wow, the ACT Foundation never actually tells kids what their tests cover, they just give generic subjects. So, after a year of preparation, the kids take the test, and at least 75% of it is comprised of things that they haven't learned.

  My son Raul said that he had to do Trigonometry, and he was learning the basic fundamentals just the day before the test. No wonder the "No Child Left Behind Act" is failing so badly.
  If foundations like ACT's would just release proper study material, then kids across the country would be able to study what they need to know. Besides which, the ACT's become a fucking intelligence test, one to root out any kids "worthy" of getting into a good college.

  An intelligence test measures several things: how much you know, how good your problem solving skills are, things like that. The ACT gives a limited opportunity for a student to know enough to "Be Exceptional" on this test. And gee, it's supposed to determine your ENTIRE future?

What the fuck is wrong with people?!