Stupid Letdowns

I have been let down. Society in general is a disgusting thing, especially when things like this happen:

Kid, what the Hell do you think you're doing?! You fuck-filled little prat, your playing is ABYSMAL! How DARE you try and ruin the anthem of my running mate, Duke Nukem.

1. You're out of tune.
2. Your guitar squeals all over the place. How original.
3. Your "Creative interpretive solos" are just random pickings. Did you think of those yourself, or did the ringing in your ears from being beaten over the head with Mommy's whiskey bottle inspire you? They can only be compared to sticking your cock into the end of a rat, and raping the shit out of it.
4. You are 100% off on keeping up with the back tape.
5. Your electric tuner failed you. A real guitarist tunes from the fifth of the E string, and you use a tuning fork for tuning the actual E string. EPIC FAIL.

It's just...gah.

Even more of a letdown is the Ubuntu Linux community. Their users bitch and piss and moan about everything under the sun. A few examples.

1. Ohhh, heaven's me, Adobe REFUSES to release Photoshop and CS3 on Linux, which I wasn't going to even buy anyway.
2. Ohhh, Mac users are disgustingly in love with their systems, everyone knows that my wife Ubuntu-PC and I are almighty Gods who need to start a MAC HOLOCAUST.
2. Ohhh, gosh, those Fedora folks want to BREAK compatibility!
3. I want to support Free Software, but I demand to use proprietary drivers!
4. Ohhh, You have an Opinion. And you don't LIKE Ubuntu as much as I DO! YOU FUCKING DEMON, RETURN TO YOUR CONFINES IN VISTA HELL!!! LOLOLOLOL!
5. Oh my, user adoption is down. We try and make a pretty brown scheme to get more users, but we refuse to support a proper art team. God, how HORRIBLE would that be?!
6. You can do everything you want to do on a PC or Mac for free...except make good movies...DAMN IT, ADOBE, RELEASE CS3 UNDER THE GPL! GNU'S NOT UNIX!!!!!
7. I don't WANT to call GNU/Linux GNU/Linux, I want to call it Ubuntu! FUCKING FREEDOM! AAAH!
8. Compiz Fusion is SOOO AWESOME, but I REFUSE to use it, as it wastes my precious productivity.

Honestly, their Cult is the worst fucking cult I've ever seen. At least not all Linux users are like this.
I, On the other hand, use GNU/ Hurd. It is a snapshot from 2010, stolen from the future. Thanks to Future-Noveau project, it works wonders. Amazing. RMS was RIGHT!