Well, there's an awful lot of hype about KDE 'Freakin Four. My daughter Roweena-Mayer told me, "Daddy, you're all for freedom. You should try it."

Don't you just love three year olds?

So, I booted up my GNU/HURD install, and began cross-compiling everything, making sure to keep it as free as Richard M. Stallman (Peace Be Upon Him) would want. Everything went along swimmingly, as there isn't much that ISN'T free with the KDE project nowadays. After all, they have that "Be Free" slogan going for them, right?

Well, I was severely disappointed by 4.1 Beta 1. The quality was FAR, FAR lower than a beta. However, let's compare this to something that has been in ALPHA for the longest time and is:

-More solid
-Better looking than my ex wife. (Angelina Jolie)
-More responsive than a five year old kid being pushed down a hill.

What is this something? Oh, gee. It's E17. Light as fuck, beautiful as fuck.

KDE4 4.1, not so much. Also, what's up with the whole numbering scheme nowadays? Are we trying to go for a Mac OSX knock-off? Badly implemented white-grey themes with blue bars? It reminds me of the whole "Let's get Steve Jobs back, he can do something with our Operating System!" debacle that became Mac OSX.

Anyways, KDE4.

It doesn't live up to the hype. At all. And here's why: the coders are designing the apps. The designers are coding the apps. They need to switch up if they ever want the apps to become stable, nice-looking, and POWERFUL. You want to explain the qualities of freedom, you fucking fight for it. By all means.

I'd put up a screenshot of what it looked like, but Plasma crashed so many times that it just wasn't worth it.

E17 is the way to go, for me at least.

Oh, and on a rather unrelated note, my newfound nemesis Roy "Shits for Wits" Schestowitz, has released a chatlog of him crying profusedly like a little girl.

Interesting how he targets all those innocent people, as well as my dear friend Sean.

Roy, you fag...